Turkey Bowl 2013 @ Paul Brown Stadium

4th Annual Turkey Bowl 2013

Game Dates:
~Saturday, Nov. 9th = Junior and Varsity
~Sunday, Nov. 10th = Micro, Mini and Senior Divisions

Turkey Bowl Schedule:
Junior Division: Saturday, Nov. 9th
Junior EE Bracket Click Here
Junior FF Bracket Click Here
Junior GG Bracket Click Here
Junior HH Bracket Click Here
Junior II Bracket Click Here
Junior JJ Bracket Click Here

Varsity Division: Saturday, Nov. 9th
Varsity PP Bracket Click Here
Varsity QQ Bracket Click Here

Micro Division: Sunday, Nov. 10th
Micro / PreK Schedule Click Here

Mini Division: Sunday, Nov. 10th
Mini AA Bracket Click Here
Mini BB Bracket Click Here
Mini CC Bracket Click Here
Mini DD Bracket Click Here

Senior Division: Sunday, Nov. 10th
Senior KK Bracket Click Here
Senior LL Bracket Click Here
Senior MM Bracket Click Here
Senior NN Bracket Click Here
Senior OO Bracket Click Here

Tournament Details for PreK (Micro Division = $165):
~We will have space for (16) Micro/PreK teams
~The Micro teams will play (1) 30-minute game @ Paul Brown Stadium

Tournament Details for K-7th Grade (Mini - Varisty Divisions = $325):
~We will have enough space for 90-135 teams to participate (Individual Division-if we have space available we will open registration for Individual Registrations)
~Every team will be guaranteed (2) games, one of which will be in Paul Brown Stadium. Some teams may play 4-5 games pending results
~Our off-site location will be held at Withrow HS (2520 Madison Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45208)
~Teams will be paired into separate divisions based on record/skill level--Example: We will try to separate teams very good skilled teams from lesser skilled teams
~Flag Football Fanatic rosters ONLY – no adding of players or combining of teams (all directors will be present to verify rosters). Your team will be dismissed from the tournament if this rule is violated-NO EXCEPTIONS!
~Gate fee = $5.00 (Only @ Paul Brown Stadium) for Adults and Children not participating in the Turkey Bowl--Coaches & Players enter free

*Weather / Refund Policy* Adverse weather conditions and unplayable conditions may result in the following:
~Games may be delayed or the game clock may be reduced
~In the unfortunate likelihood that the tournament is canceled due to weather, teams will not be refunded in full for entry fees paid. The exact refunded amount will be determined by tournament officials within 5 business days of the event.

Sponsors / Registration Form
~Sponsors that pay $250 or more will will get their logo on our Event Tshirt Click Here for Front of Event Tshirt Click Here for Back of Event Tshirt
~Last season we passed out 1,250 Tshirts at our event and sold an additional 200
~Sponsorship / Registration Form = Click Here for the Registration Form --or-- if you have a company sponsor for the Turkey Bowl 2013.
~Only sponsors that pay $250 or more will get their logo on our Tshirt. Please email us their logo before Oct. 30th—must be in an EPS or High Resolution JPEG file – NO EXCEPTIONS

Paul Brown Stadium Details
~Everyone must enter Gate A (near corner of Mehring & Central) near the the flag poles
~Gate fee ($5.00) for Adults and Children not participating in the Turkey Bowl--Coaches & Players enter free
~Coaches & Players will be the only players permitted on the field with a valid Coaches Shirt or Coaches Hoodie as their outermost/visible layer
~Be sure to arrive early to allow time for parking/walking to the stadium, as well as locating your coach and team
~This will be an outdoor event so dress appropriately
~Spectators must sit in sections 108-112 Click Here for Stadium Guide
~Paul Brown Stadium will provide concessions; outside food will not be permitted inside the stadium. Flag Football Fanatics has no control over the prices.

~Paul Brown Stadium Parking Breakdown Click Here for Parking Map
~Some, if not all of them, charge a re-entry fee

Questions? Go to our Contact Us page and email them directly to us from this website!